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The way we protect our skin from UV rays advances each season, which means you can’t always rely on last summer’s sunscreen to protect you.

Discover Sol Leon, a line of natural cosmetic products specifically formulated for preparing, protecting, moisturizing and nourishing skin exposed to the sun’s rays. They not only protect the skin from burning, but also exert a genuine anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing action. They absorb quickly, leave the skin feeling moisturized and are dermatologist-tested.

Non-Sticky. Non-greasy. No whitening residue. Say ‘Hello’ to Sol Leon line by Bottega di Lunga Vita. 

The Sol Leon line combines all the products you need to protect yourself from UV rays. If you want to enjoy the sun safely and protect your skin from sunburn, sign up for our beauty service




Sun Cream spray, SPF 20. Like any spray it's easy to apply — just a spritz, quick rub and you're all set. But unlike other sprays, this one contains Aloe Barbadensis Gel, which has soothing, calming and hydrating properties. It gives your skin a soft sheen that reflects in the light in a really petty, subtle way (not shimmery or greasy). Plus, it includes a phytocomplex of Walnut husk and Carrot Oil, which absorbs quickly. 

The Sun Cream Spray protects the skin from sunburn and controls unsightly reactions like redness, sun stroke and sun spots. However, this protective 150 ml bottle rapidly and naturally encourages sun tanning while giving even the most sensitive and delicate skin a safe and uniform colour. It is your shield against dehydration, peeling and ageing. 

why we are loving it

I adore Sun Cream for the face, SPF 30 because of its skin-loving ingredients. But, above all, it works to protect and hydrate my mug. Its creamy formula makes it ideal for layering under makeup without leaving my face feeling coated. Since I plan on lazying it up this summer, this everyday sun protection is just what I am looking for. 


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