About the brand


L’Action: the answer to all our vanity and beauty woes. Hailing from Paris, the beauty brand has got all your beauty fixes under one roof. From ridding eye bags, to inducing luminous fair skin, to even nail treatment. L’Action provides fast, effective and accessible beauty solutions in a convenient format. In addition to the brand’s practical approach to beauty problems, all L’Action products are dermatologically tested, providing safety and assurance for its users.

The brand has already proven highly successful in 30 countries all over the world. In addition to their high standards and fast results, the products are small, easy to carry and easy to use any time throughout the day. The line includes a full set of one time use products. The light, modern design of L'Action packaging clearly displays each product's function, recognizable by the fans in a few split seconds.

why we are loving it

L’Action is an innovative, French brand. Its format and packaging is really cute and convenient, allowing one to use the products anywhere, anytime. In a nutshell, L’Action products are practical, fast and effective or in other words - everything a modern girl with a busy schedule would ever want.


Pick N Dazzle Team

Your benefits of the brand


Every product of L’Action has its own unique benefits.

The Peel Off Face Mask enriched with cinnamon from Ceylon will rebalance your skin and leave it smooth, soft and refined.

We also love L’Action’s Eyelash Treatment with provitamins B5 and Vitamin E that strengthens your lashes and stimulates their growth.

We rather fancy the Bye Bye Mascara [Semi Permanent Mascara] that gives your eyelashes and eyebrows a natural and dense colour, making it last longer at each new application.

So say goodbye to daily mascara and other ordinary cosmetic brands.

L’Action is ten times more!

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